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Clayton Town Center

Located in one of the premiere Denver neighborhoods, Cory-Merrill (named after the schools in the area), Clayton Town Center offers an urban lifestyle with that cozy, neighborhood, American vibe. The Clayton Town Center units must be seen to be believed. From their spacious lay-outs to the family-friendly amenities, Clayton Town Center offers the gamut of the good life for every resident.
The Cory-Merrill area is named for the two schools in this prime Denver neighborhood – Cory Elementary school and Merrill Middle School. It was first founded in 1858 to be …

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The Golden Rule

The three most important words I ever learned as a potential buyer were location, location, location. Experts have touted this phrase for decades and with good reason. It’s the number one mantra in real estate, yet it’s often the most overlooked rule.
I remember when I was looking for my first condo. When the list was narrowed down to a select few, I found myself looking at price more than anything else… but then my agent’s advice started running through my head.  In the end, I chose to follow that advice and bought the most affordable …

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